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We are An Officially Contracted Vendor & Supplier for Durham University.                                                                                                            



We always offer fixed price fares to help with budgeting, costing and accounts. See below.



Car (4 passenger)


Minibus (8 passenger)


One Way / Return


One Way / Return


£54.99  /  £109.99


£69.99  /  £139.99


£54.99  /  £109.99


£69.99  /  £139.99


£54.99  /  £109.99


£69.99  /  £139.99



Fares above are to the free drop zone without meet greet services.

£54.99  /  £109.99


£69.99  /  £139.99



We prefer email booking and always try to reply within 2 hrs – including weekends and even after 9pm when possible.

You can call us to make a booking, emails are easier, were often out the office.

If you need a quote for a fare not listed email us, we’re always happy to assist.

Pre-booked travel is always cheaper. Same day bookings would be higher or at metered rates. It’s cheaper to pre book!

Payment options are in advance via our web site, in the vehicle by cash or card, or by invoice after travel in complete.



As per our university contract we require full payment within 14 days of receipt of the invoice date. We do not operate at 30 day payment terms.

There could be additional fees for late invoice payments if not paid within or on the 14 days from receipt of the invoice.

If an invoice is not paid for within or up to 14 days we reserve the right to charge the metered fare for your travel after 14 days if the invoice is not paid.



We are often told by travellers, “the university is paying for this trip” but that doesn’t mean the uni is going to pay for your transfer.

ALL travellers need pre-authorisation and pre-confirmation from their respective departments before assuming travel is “paid for” by the uni.

Send us your booking request, your department and the email for your department accounts team when you book.

If you don’t assist with this, we will only offer payment in the vehicle, cash or card on the day of travel. Not deferred payment options will be offered.

Please don’t email or jump into a vehicle and assume the travel is paid for or going to be paid for without checking first.

It only take you 5 mins to double check with your team and let us know. We really do appreciate your help here…


PURCHASE ORDERS – Do you need one?

You do not need a university Purchase Order before you book with us. Unless your department requires a PO number in advance.



Booking by Email

There are two templates to choose from below...  1 & 2

copy & paste from below and send to   airport365@live.co.uk


Template 1 - From Durham area to NCL Airport




Mobile Number:

Pick Up Date:

Pick Up Time:

Number of Passengers:

Luggage information:


Return Info

Return Date:

Arrival Time:

Flight Number:

Flying in From Which Airport:

Purchase Order: (optional)



Template 2 - Landing at NCL and going to Durham


Arrival Date:

Arrival Time:

Flight Number:

Flying In From Which Airport: (IE Heathrow)

Number of Passengers:

Mobile Number:

Going to Which Address or Hotel:

Luggage information:


Return Info

Pick Up Date:

Pick Up Time:

From Which Address or Hotel*:


Purchase Order: (optional)



General Terms and Conditions for all Customers & fares 2023 / 2024


Paying for Travel

We accept Cash, Card, Amex, Paypal & Invoice payments.

Payment will be due in full when we arrive at the airport unless the fare is pre-paid or on invoice payment terms.

You will get a receipt for every payment or trip taken. Just ask the driver for a receipt.

Tips are not required but are not refused.



Our ‘fares guide’ charges are for pre-booked travel. Same day bookings would be higher or at metered rates. It’s cheaper to pre book!

Payment options are in advance via our web site, in the vehicle by cash or card, or by invoice after travel in complete.

As per our university contract we require full payment within 14 days of receipt of the invoice date. We do not operate at 30 days.

There could be additional fees for late invoice payments if not paid within or on the 14 days from receipt of the invoice.

If an invoice is not paid for within or up to 14 days we reserve the right to charge the metered fare for your travel after 14 days.

Pre booked discounts are offered if the travel is pre paid, paid on the day or paid within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.

See our fares guide or T&C’s for full information.



Express Drop Off Charges

Every UK airport charges taxis to drop off inside their car parks. This includes NCL and Teesside.

The car park charges cover the first 10 minutes parking or waiting. This is not covered in the fare above.

Airport Drop off Charges:

Car:           £4 per drop off minimum, this is based on 10 minutes.

Minibus:    £5 per drop off minimum, this is based on 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes the airport parking charges rise quickly, our listed fares do not include the car park charges.

Any extra car park payment will be in addition to your fare and payable by the customer.

If you are delayed after letting us know you are ready, there may be a fee for parking charges.

The charges are also published on the airport web site. SEE BELOW FOR A FREE DROP OFF!!


Free drop off car park – OUR PREFERRED CHOICE

Avoid all the drop off charges above by getting dropped off in the FREE CAR PARK

At NCL the Short stay 2 Zone near is free, but it is a short walk away from the terminal. Only 2 minutes.

Make sure you call us on arrival and the driver will assist you at all times finding the vehicles.

If you have any questions regarding our service, contact us by email and ask us, we are always

happy to help you with anything.


Missed Flights & Connections.

We operate a strict 24hr cancelation policy at all times and is 100% to our discretion how we enforce this.

If you miss a connection and we have a driver at the airport or ready to depart to the airport this is chargeable.

If you are not on the flight and you haven’t informed us and make another trip to the airport to pick you up, we will charge for this at the standard rate.

If your flight is cancelled at last minute, the airline is responsible by law for all expenses incurred and compensation not Airport Express

If we have not got a slot to assist you further, any onwards travel costs or expenses are the airlines responsibility by law, not Airport Express

We will issue you with a receipt for the full amount you have paid to assist you with any claim you have with the airline.

We will not accept bullying or harassment to recoup the fare by any passenger and action will be taken for any abuse we receive.

Below is a link to your rights Claim compensation if your flight's delayed or cancelled.



Luggage size & capacity for our vehicles

If you have LOTS of luggage you might need a minibus or multiple vehicles not a car.

Note: 1 to 4 people with 4 or 5+ full size flight cases will require a minibus not a car.

Cases are not allowed on passenger laps, or on your knees in the seating area, this is illegal.

Estate cars max load: 4 people / 3 large cases + 2 small cabin cases + back packs max

Minibus max load: 8 people / 8 large cases + 4 small cabin cases + multi back packs max

Note: 4 adults and a baby or child is total 5 passengers and require a 5 person vehicle, IE minibus.

We welcome small animals in transporter cages and special assistance animals.


Disabled Access Vehicles – Mobility Assistance

We do not have disabled access / ramp vehicles, but can assist in helping you find someone that does.

When you book, if you state you have several cases don’t ask for a minibus, a minibus will be provided

automatically and the charges apply. Even if there are less than 4 travellers, the car fare will not apply.

We will always work off the luggage capacity of the vehicles and the total luggage you state you are

travelling with when deciding what vehicle to send you.



If you require us to move your belongings from one place to another, the charge is per half hour.

Up to 30 mins is £40, If you require a vehicle for 31+ minutes it is therefore 1 hr service to be paid for.

The driver will help you pack your belongings into our vehicle. The hour starts as per the booking time.

The drivers will not leave their vehicles and go into your house or college to assist you move.

It is advisable to be ready on time with your possessions.

We offer no liability for loss, damage, or broken items whilst in transit.


What vehicle do I need?     Baggage & Luggage Qty     

We need to know what luggage size and quantity you have when you book. Not on the day we pick you up.

How much luggage you have will determine which vehicle we send you and how much you are charged.

A car will normally hold 3 large cases and some smaller handheld items. Minibus’s will hold  8 to 12+ cases of all sizes.

If you have a lot of luggage, you might be sent a minibus automatically to cover your requirements.

This means if you book for 2 people but have 4 + cases you will be sent a minibus as our estate cars will hold

3 large cases maximum. Cases are not allowed by law to be stored on the seats.

If you have less than four passengers but state, you have more than 3 cases or a combination of 3

Large luggage and other smaller luggage you will be send a minibus and charged for a minibus.

If you have skis or golf bags, or oversized luggage you will be sent a minibus by default.

You do not need to specify which you prefer as we will send you what is required to complete the trip.


Meet Greet Service Charges

This is where a driver with a name card meets you or your guest inside terminal building.

Meet greet is £20.00 base charge plus the car park charge below.

Car park charges are as follows: 15 mins £5.00 / 30 mins  £7.00 / 1 hour     £14.00 / 2 hours £17.00

Meet and greet means we park up, go into the terminal and stand with a name sign at arrivals until you come through.

This is useful for business or academic travellers. Foreign travellers without phones or older travellers who need assistance…

This charge covers our waiting time inside the terminal, which can take between 20 and 40 minutes.

If you do not supply us with a mobile number or your phone is turned off or do not call us within the first 15 minutes and

we have to come into the airport to find you the meet greet fare applies.

If you are delayed by immigration or lost luggage the meet greet fare will be higher due to parking chargers at NCL airport.


Multiple collection points  - Bookings with more than on pick up place

If you require more than one pick up place or location, or drop off place, there are charges to be added to the base fare.

Bookings in a car:  You will be charged at £5 per pick up. A higher fee if the locations are further apart.

Bookings in a minibus:  You will be charged at £10 per pick. A higher fee if the locations are further apart.

If you don't tell us there are multiple pickups when you book you will still be charged accordingly for the extra pick ups on the day of travel when payment is due.

You might be quoted A to B when you email to book, but if you really require us to go A to B to C and then D you will be charged accordingly on the day of travel.

Advise us of multiple pickups when you book. See terms and conditions for full details.

NOTE: save money by all getting collected from one pick up address, not several.   We want to save you money!



Premium Dates: Bank Holiday / National Holiday Dates / Christmas Dates

Standard Fare + £10 to bank national and holidays dates & Easter dates

December 24th/27th/28th/31st & Jan 01st metered fares only at council rates

Christmas Day: metered fares only at council rates

Boxing Day: metered fares only at council rates

The fares above are approximate metered fares as set out in Govt guidelines.



Wait Time at the Airport

We do not normally charge for waiting if your flight is delayed and we have to wait at the airport for you.

We do charge wait time for delays caused by bad planning or if you are not ready at the pick-up point at the time

the job was requested. We do reserve the right to charge full metered fare for anyone who makes us wait unreasonable amounts

of time, even if you are quoted a fixed fare, if there is wait time, this will be charged and the meter fare will come into effect.

If you book a pick up at 10am from your home or workplace  and we are still waiting to go at 10.30am,

there will be a charge for this. If you are not ready when we come to pick you up and you make the driver wait,

we reserve the right not to offer the £44.99  special offer and revert to a metered fare.

See terms and conditions for full details.

If you make us wait at the airport for any unreasonable amount of time. There may be an extra charge.

We would normally allocate 45 minutes of free of charge wait time after arrival to collect you.

If we are still waiting after 45 minutes we would apply a waiting charge as agreed here in the T&C’s.

We also charge for wait time as part of the meet greet service, which is not a free service. See above.


Last Minute Requests for transport / Airport transfers

Our discounted fares above are based on travel being pre-booked in advance by email or phone.

Non pre-booked, last minute bookings, on the day of travel, will Be charged at metered fares.

Metered fares in accordance with up to date council tariffs.



If you or your travellers have a disability, walking or mobility issues, please inform us at the time of booking.

If you have problems walking, tell us when you book so we can assist you properly.     

There will be walking required to find us in the car parks. This is unavoidable.

We will help you take your baggage to and from the terminal if required.

We can transport mobility scooters and fold up wheel chairs, we cannot transport wheel chairs that require ramp access.

We do not operate disabled access vehicles with ramps or lifts but will assist you in finding a service that does.

Please email or call us to discuss all your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.



We are happy to transport all animals if they fit into the vehicles and can be safely restrained or in a transporter.

Pre-booking is not required but is advisable so we can send the correct vehicle.

Fouling charges do apply if an unfortunate accident does happen. See T&C’s

The fouling charge is in accordance with local government guidelines. Normally £100.00


Cancelations, Refunds & Financial Limitations.

You can cancel at any time. However, if under 24hrs the fare charge would still apply and you will still be billed for this.

If the airline or booking agent cancels your travel, service payment will still be due, and we will issue an itemised

receipt for refund from the airline in accordance to UK regulations.

Refunds will be at the discretion of Airport Express. All requests should be made via email.  See terms and conditions for full details.

Limitations: If for any reason we are unable to attend a booking, our limitation on associated costs or compensations are limited to the value of the booking total.

We will not financially exceed this limitation and as per statutory UK law all travellers must have sufficient travel insurance that covers all aspects of their travel.



We Reserve The Right to Cancel

We do not normally cancel bookings after they are agreed, but under extreme circumstances IE Force Majeure we may need to cancel

We would normally try to assist you in finding another service if we have to cancel. This might not always be possible.

We reserve the right to cancel or refuse to transport for any traveller if they are abusive or behave in a manner that causes offence to our staff.

We do not tolerate bad, aggressive or abusive behaviour. If a traveller exhibits this behaviour, we will cancel without notice any or all travel plans

booked, pending or in progress. Police action will be taken if we feel it is necessary. So let’s keep things friendly 😊

If any travellers associated with the university are found to be abusive the university will be notified immediately of this in the way of a complaint.

This is as per our contractual commitment to the university.




Terms and Conditions 2023